The Green Mile

    In this season of thankfulness, I’m reminded of certain cinematic moments and amazing stories that helped develop my love for movies. However, of all the wonderful films that have resonated with me and changed me, I have to say the movie I’m most thankful for is The Green Mile. 

    Based on the Stephen King novel, The Green Mile is a fantastic film about the lives of the prison guards and prisoners on Death Row in Louisiana, and how they are all affected by new inmate John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), a black man sentenced to death for the rape and murder of two young white girls. Not long after he arrives, do the other inmates and guards begin to realize that he has a supernatural gift. A gift that not only heals people in some form or fashion, but also has them questioning if he could even possibly be guilty of the crimes he’s accused of. In the process of learning more about this mysterious man, they get some unexpected answers...and a lot more questions. 

    It goes without saying that the performances in the film are brilliant. Michael Clarke Duncan is incredible and absolutely perfect as the oversized, timid prisoner who wears his heart on his sleeve. The look of pain in his eyes and the incredible way he conveys his hurt are truly something to be praised. Tom Hanks as Supervising Officer, Paul Edgecomb is also a masterful, yet brilliantly subtle portrayal. The awe and conviction you see in him after getting to know John Coffey, remind you why he’s the best of the best. Even the characters played by Barry Pepper, David Morse, and Sam Rockwell (just to name a few) are without a doubt the most awe- inspiring depictions you’ll ever see from supporting roles in almost any film.    

    There are so many reasons I’m thankful for this film, namely the fact that it’s the first time I was  moved to tears in a theater.  This is a beautiful but heartbreaking story that unfolds so flawlessly you cannot help but feel several different emotions. It’s a prime example of a film doing exactly what it was meant to do: fill you with anger, heartbreak, hope, and humility all in one production. 

    This movie is also the first time I realized I loved the art of acting, and felt a passion and deeper respect for what it is. As unexpected as it may be, I owe the following years of my ever-growing interest in film making all to The Green Mile. It will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope all of you will appreciate its greatness as much as I do!


 Rating: 96 moon pie “surprises” out of 100 (96%)




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