Mid-2017 Best and Worst Movies




1. Get Out

This movie is nearly flawless in all aspects; the plot, suspense, twists, and incredible acting make this film a must see. It is the beginning of a new standard for the thriller movie genre, and came at just the right time considering the current issues of our society. 


 2. Baby Driver 

There's something just so refreshing and innovative about this film that can't be ignored. The script is super creative, and the way the music syncs up with all the surrounding activity so perfectly is more than impressive. The performances are stellar, and have a subtlety to them that is intriguing. 


3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

This has been the most fun Spider-Man movie by a long shot. Tom Holland completely nails the role, portraying the super hero in the most charming of ways. It is arguably one of the best Marvel movies to date, and it looks to be only the beginning for the reinvented character. 


Honorable Mention- The Case for Christ 

Regardless of your personal beliefs or spirituality, this movie is extremely compelling. It is about a man who comes to terms with what he believes, ironically while set out to disprove the existence of God. Because the film is based on a true story, it makes the main character's inner struggles of accepting what life brings feel that much more real to the audience. It is also treated more as a biopic, and contains actual research of the topics at hand, which is different than other faith based movies that are known to be one-dimensional and difficult for most to relate to. 



1. Snatched 

Unfortunately this movie is too disorganized to be enjoyable. The jokes fall flat and the plot runs out of steam half way through, so more often than not they fill that void with too many out of place misadventures. The potential is not even close to being met. 


2. Table 19

The biggest problem with this movie is the great cast wasted on a script that is forgettable at best. There are moments that are somewhat sentimental, but it also follows the pattern of trying to do too much in one film. There are storylines that are in there seemingly for no reason, and it attempts to make you care about characters without giving much back story. There is also a severe lack of chemistry between any of the couples onscreen. 


3. War Machine

This movie is a Netflix original that, while it has some solid performances (notably Brad Pitt and Anthony Michael Hall), it seems to build up to nothing at the end. The story itself is interesting (based on true events of the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan getting taken down by a journalistic expose'), and it gets credit for surprisingly not overtly pushing a particular political agenda, but it does not have any "wow" moments that reel you in. 





1. Wonder Woman

Even though I do feel Spider-man homecoming is probably a better made film. I am giving Wonder Woman my top spot because it exceeded every expectation I had. The film is on pace to be the most successful film of the summer and it put DC movies back in the hunt to compete with Marvel films. Gal Gadot has a star-making performance and it captures the essence of the female comic legend with a passion that is felt throughout the film. In my opinion, this film has made the biggest statement of the year. 


2. Spider-man Homecoming

Of the comic book films this year, this is probably the most balanced, well-made, and fun of the lot. Spider-man returns to the MCU in excellent form. Great performances for all involved here and overall one of the most fun times at the movies I’ve had in a while. 


3. War for the Planet of the Apes

Easily one of the best of the year. The impressive visuals, engaging drama, great action set pieces, and a wonderful ending to boot. War for the Planet of the Apes does almost everything right and caps off one of the most impressive trilogies I have ever seen in film. Deserves to be on anyone’s top list this year.


Honorable Mention: Get Out

Even though the above list three of my personal favorites, the critic in me knows that arguably the best film to come out this year is Get Out. This film perfectly combines drama, suspense, intrigue, and horror elements. The subject matter and message of the film couldn’t have come at a better time and it feels so relevant for today’s audience. Director Jordan Peele has outdone himself with this excellent piece of work. Bravo to all who were involved. Don’t let this year escape without seeing what may be pound for pound the movie of the year so far.



1. Power Rangers

This ranks as probably my most disappointing film of the lot this year. What should’ve been a fun but cheesy blast from past wound up being a total suckfest with cliché’ teen problems and very little of what made the original show so great. The only thing it managed to do successfully was promote Krispy Kreme.  It’s also one of the biggest box office blunders this year. 


2. Ghost in the Shell

Another attempt by a filmmaker to produce a live action anime film. The film had impressive visuals but failed to capture the essence of the original anime. The film got a lot of bad press initially because the fan base felt that the film was “white washing” the lead character by using Scarlet Johannsen. This sentiment must’ve followed into theaters as the film was very unsuccessful at the box office


3.Alien Covenant

Even though I liked this film more than I hated it. I would be remised if I didn’t say that this should’ve been better. There were some great moments and visuals that helps keep this film above water, but the narrative was too predictable and didn’t quite deliver in the end.  





1. John Wick 2

Easily the best film of the year. It took the best parts of the first one and just ramped them up while adding a few new elements. It does what most sequels can never do, it showed it had a reason to be made.


2. War for the Planet of the Apes

This movie beautifully concluded one of the best trilogies you will ever have the pleasure of watching. The CGI is some of the best you will ever see and it will make you want to write a letter to the Academy demanding that Andy Serkis finally get the Oscar he obviously deserves.


3. Spider-man: Homecoming

This movie is hands down the best Spider-man film. Tom Holland is everything you could ever want in a Spider-man and Peter Parker. Michael Keaton is one of the best Marvel villains as the Vulture. His motivations are clear and he is down right menacing. Top to bottom this movie just works on every level.


Honorable Mention: Fate of the Furious

It was tough not putting this movie in the top three. In true Fast & the Furious fashion it takes everything from the previous 7 films and just ramps it up. It’s funny, action-packed, and most importantly just plain fun.



1. Transformers: The Last Knight

This film is the opposite of John Wick 2. Not only is it easily the worst film of the year, it is one of the worst movies you will ever see. None of it makes sense, the acting is just blah, and it somehow manages to lower the car even further for this abysmal franchise.


2. Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott seems to have lost his way with this series. This film hinges on every cast member making the worst possible decisions. The entire plot is made possible by the stupidest scientists to ever exist on film. It also doesn’t help that the Xenomorphs and “villains” don’t really end up mattering.


3. Logan

Boring. The ultimate sin of this movie is that it is just utterly boring. The main character is asleep for a third of the movie. The “emotional” ending is only emotional because it fakes a bond between father and daughter, but if you really watch the film it doesn’t exist.

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  • Joel Chavez (Wednesday, July 26 17 11:03 pm EDT)

    1. John Wick 2
    2. Spider-Man Homecoming
    3. Baby Driver
    Honorable Mention: Dunkirk

    1. Transformers
    2. Baywatch
    3. Rough Night

    I actually enjoyed Alien Covenant but I seem to be in the minority. As for War for the Planet of the Apes, I don't feel like it's the best movie in the trilogy. It's a great movie but I don't think it's too 3 of the year.

  • Ben (Thursday, July 27 17 09:12 am EDT)

    1. Get Out
    2. Logan
    3. Guardians 2
    Honorable mentions
    John Wick 2

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Baywatch
    3. Once Upon a Time in Venice
    Dishonorable mention
    Baby Driver (definitely not the worst movie but a misfire for sure imo)

  • Jastin Taylor (Thursday, July 27 17 09:50 am EDT)

    Thanks guys for your comments! I can't wait to see what we all think by the end of the year.

  • CinemaSlayer1 (Thursday, July 27 17 09:51 am EDT)

    Joel- thanks for the input! Definitely a worthy list. What would you consider the best in the Planet of the Apes Trilogy?

  • Heather (Thursday, July 27 17 09:53 am EDT)

    Ben- So sad to hear you were disappointed with Baby Driver! What was your biggest issue with it?

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