Wonder Woman

D.C. Comics has finally done it! At last, the DC Comics universe has delivered a film that truly rivals the Marvel Comic films in quality, story-telling, and an all-out great time at the movies. Wonder Woman has indeed arrived and she has single-handedly righted the wrongs from the past DC Comic films.


Wonder Woman is a superhero film that does almost everything right. Director Patty Jenkins, the critically acclaimed director from the 2004 hit Monster, brings a skill and passion to this film that can be felt from the opening to the closing credits. Actress Gal Gadot shines as the Amazonian Heroine. Gadot displays beauty, grace, and more importantly the strength that we needed to see from America’s most iconic female hero. There are some breathtakingly beautiful scenes in the film that are a joy to behold. One in particular is the scene where Wonder Woman is treading along the battle field in the middle of World War 2, valiantly deflecting bullets and holding her ground against enemy gunfire. It is truly awesome to see Wonder Woman kicking ass and showing the strength and courage of her male counterparts.


The story is somewhat reminiscent of Captain America: The First Avenger, in the sense that the hero is fighting against Nazi terror. However, that is about where the similarities end and Wonder Woman takes some chances with the story that you will not see coming. Throughout the story, you will see the opportunity for clichés to rear their ugly head, and you will strongly believe that you know exactly where this story is going. On the contrary, the film goes in a much more realistic and adult direction. The overall message is one that will make you smile and very much inspire you. In this way, Wonder Woman takes typical super hero clichés and effortlessly lassos them to the ground in her wake. This film is like night and day compared to the polarizing Batman vs Superman and the critically abysmal Suicide Squad films that preceded it. Overall, you will leave the theater happy and optimistic that the DC films will one day compete with the Marvel films if they keep the momentum that Wonder Woman has established here.


For anyone that is a fan of superheroes, comics, or maybe just looking to enjoy a film, you owe it to yourself to spend some time with Wonder Woman. She delivers in action, shows layers as a character, and makes you believe in her fight for truth and justice just like a hero should do.


95 Tiaras out of 100 (95%)



Second Take

While for the most part I do agree with Jastin, Wonder Woman for me really loses steam in the third act. The final fight sequence is so by the numbers and uninspired, that it almost feels like it doesn't even belong in this movie. It is a major let down for what would have otherwise been a phenomenal film.


17 No Man's Land fights out of 20. (85%)



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  • Kurt (Monday, July 03 17 05:03 pm EDT)

    Only doing this for the shirt lol

  • Katie (Monday, July 03 17 08:25 pm EDT)

    Yesssss! My favorite movie in a while!

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