Wind River

    A wonderfully shot film with a great character-driven narrative, Wind River is an answer for those who miss the methodic mystery dramas that seem to be absent from cinema as of late.


    I do believe that some inspiration must have been drawn from Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, or maybe drama westerns of the sort. If you can remember films such as that, they were all about methodical pacing, picturesque shots of characters, and a little soul-searching to find oneself as they hunt for someone else. This reminds me so much of those examples, and it is done well enough here that nothing ever feels flat or so clichéd that it takes away from the story’s believability.


    It is a little awkward at first to see some of our favorite avengers, Jeremy Renner (Cory) and Elizabeth Olsen (Jane), not donning the super hero outfits. However, the acting is so spot on and the chemistry is so great between them, you immediately forget about anything that had to do with Hawkeye or the Scarlett Witch.


    Cory (Renner) is a local game tracker who is used to hunting the frozen mountains of Wyoming. He is also a man that knows the pain of losing a child. When a young girl’s body is mysteriously found out in the frozen mountains, he immediately shows how his tracker skills can help solve the case. For rookie FBI investigator Jane (Olsen), a woman who is new to the reservation and not familiar with the terrain, Cory is the perfect partner to assist on the case. Cory’s own battle with loss motivates him to help Jane as well.


    What follows is a story that is well-written and full of scenes that carry real tension that I haven’t felt in a long time. Director Taylor Sheridan does a remarkable job of making you care about the characters. You experience the pain of their losses, their feelings of helplessness, and the strength it takes to continue going even when you are damaged.  There is one scene that is absolutely shocking to watch and is guaranteed to make you feel something when watching. If you are looking for a mystery drama that you won’t soon forget about, it is definitely this one. Highly recommended.


86 death defying chases down a snowy mountain out of 100 (86%)




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