Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Spider-man is back on the big screen for the 6th film involving the Web-slinger. Cinema Slayers is happy to report that he is not only back, but he’s back with an adventure that is fun, fresh, and definitely worth your time at movies! 

       Spider-man Homecoming has a double-meaning in the title. On one end this does have to do with a homecoming date involving Peter Parker and a high school crush. But on the other side of that “homecoming” title, it is a return for Spider-man to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) headed by Marvel Studios. For a time, the cinematic Spider-man was under the ownership of Sony pictures, which produced the last 5 Spider-man films. However, this is the first Spider-man solo film where he is included in the universe that has Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and the other heroes we have come to love in the MCU movies. This is where Spidey has always belonged and it’s great to see him at “home” with a team and producers that totally get what makes him a favorite among comic superheroes. 

     This film rights the wrongs of Spider-man 3 starring Tobey Mcguire and is superior to the more modern Amazing Spider-man movies which starred Andrew Garfield. The film deservingly takes the thrown as the best Spider-man film that has ever been produced and here are just a few reasons why! 

     Homecoming doesn’t spend its time telling a story that we already know and are far too familiar with. This is definitely Peter Parker, but it doesn’t make the mistake of focusing on the origin of Spider-man. Instead, it spends its time telling us why Peter Parker deserves to be the hero he is. Plus the Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy supporting characters are all absent here, leaving for something that feels fresh and exciting to see.

     Even though the cast is very different this time around, they are young and vibrant, and they really capture the teenage nature of the Spider-man character and his everyday troubles. Tom Holland is the BEST Spider-man that has ever been on screen. He absolutely nails the nerdy and boyish charms of Peter Parker while also capturing the confidence, wise-cracking, and fun-loving appeal that is Spider-man under the mask. You will absolutely love his delivery as Parker and will laugh and be just as entertained when he is under the mask. 

     The supporting characters are also great. One special performance of note is Jacob Batalon as Peter Parker’s school friend, Ned Leeds. He absolutely nails every scene and comes off as a welcome addition to Peter’s cast of characters. With that being said, the characters and schoolmates are all so good here, that you will quickly forget that there are no Osborns, Janes, or Stacys to concern yourself with. The film leaves you interested in where this story will go and who we will see later, adding to the fresh feeling that the Spider-man character desperately needed. 

     The story this time around is one that is very balanced between action, comedy, and drama. This is a very believable yet small scale superhero movie about a hero and a villain both trying to be something bigger than what others see them as. The villain in this film (Micheal Keaton as Vulture), is also very well rounded and believable within the universe that Marvel Studios has created. You can see how this man is driven to his viewpoint based on other Marvel happenings that have occurred in New York. The whole thing feels grounded in logic and never feels so silly that you roll your eyes due to how cheesy it is. Even though Vulture is not considered one of Spidey’s most popular villians, he is given great care here and is given an update that makes him look cooler and more fleshed out than he has been in the comic books. Bravo to Marvel for doing things right with both the hero and villain in this film.

     In closing, Spider-man Homecoming has established itself as not only the best Spider-man movie we’ve seen in cinema thus far, but it is one of the best MCU movies in the last few years. You’ll have a blast with this one!


95 Captain America "so you are in detention " videos out of 100 (95%)





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