Every once in a while, Hollywood manages to provide movie goers with some really great action-adventure/dynamic-duo comedy gold that will be quoted and laughed at for years. Unfortunately, Jonathan Levine's latest movie Snatched will not be on that list. While the effort is respected and there was some considerable potential with the story line, this movie falls flat in many ways. Even the delightful Goldie Hawn, who always delivers, could not save this one.



This less than amusing film follows Emily (Amy Schumer) and her mother (Hawn) on their vacation to Ecuador. After an unexpected and humiliating breakup, Emily is forced to take her mom on what should have been a romantic getaway. To make matters worse, she is the prime example of an overprotective parent, which causes a natural rift between the two from the outset of the trip. Then, in what seems to be no time at all, trouble finds them everywhere they go. 



The only thing that stands out at all in this movie is the scenery, which you catch merely a handful of glimpses at. Not even the mother-daughter relationship is believable, which is sad since it is supposed to be the driving force of the film. They are able to come together as a team and work out some misconceptions about each other on their journey, but the story does not give you enough background or emotional connection to either of them for those bonding moments to mean much. And of course there are those all too familiar jokes that Schumer is known to bring to her roles, which go from humorous to mundane very early on. The best scenes of the movie are the ones with Chrsitopher Meloni as their unhelpful guide, and Joan Cusack as the ex-special Ops sidekick who says absolutely nothing the entire time.


Not only are the jokes unoriginal, the movie tends to jump around so much that it takes away from the idea that they have been on the run from all kinds of danger, and are struggling to make it to safety. They pack in too many random happenings without linking together any timeline of events, or even how they manage to stumble upon the places and people they run in to. They also move on without any hesitation from the murders they unwittingly become involved in, almost as if they never even happened. This would make more sense if the characters had been portrayed literally any other way than how they are. Consequently, it makes most of the film rather forgettable and uninteresting. Although if you happen to be a die-hard Schumer fan, you will probably appreciate Snatched more for what it is, since she stays consistent in her usual manner of joking throughout.


This is by no means a “must see’ film, so it is highly recommended to hold out for something more worthy of your time if you are waiting for a big summer comedy. Survey says: Hard pass. 


35 Schumer selfies out of 100 (35%)




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