Logan, directed by James Mangold, is the culmination of seventeen years of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. This is the third solo Wolverine film and Jackman’s last time playing the role. Jackman has been a leading actor in seven of the nine movies, with cameos in the other two. Considering how much dedication and loyalty he’s shown to the role and franchise, it makes you wish they would have given him a better send off.

    Logan is a road trip, father finds out he has daughter, western, superhero film. The problem is, it doesn't do any of those elements well. This movie relies too heavily on the viewer to inject their emotions instead of actually giving you a reason to feel them on screen. Wolverine and X-23 have no real bonding moments. They have a few little ones, but nothing to actually allow the ending to feel real. (For the sake of not being full of spoilers, I'm keeping it very vague.) It's just not a true emotional moment. The filmmakers wanted you to take your own emotions because of the source material, or just the words used, and insert them instead of taking the time to actually write, film, and edit scenes that allow you to feel them. 

     The characters also make a lot of stupid decisions just to further the plot. Why would Logan, after being threatened and tracked by Pierce, not just kill him when he’s unconscious at his compound? Because if he had done that, the chase aspect of it all would have been done. Instead it allows Caliban to be captured for the mutant tracking aspect of the plot. Why would Logan let Xavier convince him to stay at the ranch for dinner when they know they are being chased? They have direct evidence that they are close to being found, but because Xavier says he wants to eat dinner with this family, they do so. The man can’t walk. It's very easy to just drive off and the wheelchair man can't do anything about it. 

    The filmmakers also made one of the weirdest decisions ever in cinema. The main character is unconscious for what feels like 30 minutes of the movie. From the end of the second act, to the middle of the third, he is sleeping. He will wake up, say some witty banter, go back to sleep, wake up, argue, go to sleep, wake up look around confused, and so on and so forth. Maybe the point was to let you know it's ok to take a nap during that time too, who knows. 

    A lot can be said for this movie also being rated R. The action scenes definitely benefit from it. You get to see the sheer carnage that someone like Wolverine could inflict and receive. It really took the fighting up a notch and finally helped elevate his ferocity to an awesome level. While the rating helped show the intensity of the violence in the actions scenes, it made some of the dialog feel like a child learning that they can use curse words because there are no adults around. Sections of the dialog at the beginning just feel like they are shoving every vulgarity they can into every conceivable line. It never comes across like someone actually talking. 

    This movie had all of the elements to be better (We won't bring up the terrible idea to bring back the adamantium bullets), but it spread itself too thin. All of the acting is excellent, with Dafne Keen really shining. She very much held her own against Jackman and Stewart. The story just never elevated itself to the level of it's performers. 


7 Wolverine Napping scenes out of 12. (58%)




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