When it comes to the Marvel cinematic movies, Wolverine is not always the character you think of when you mention good comic films. Depending on who you ask, the X-men movies while successful at the box office, have often been the topic of polarizing discussion for fans. However, whether you think all of the X-men themed movies are great or not, one thing that most fans agreed on is that the movie representation of Wolverine left much to be desired.

     It's refreshing to report that this will not be the complaint when it comes to Logan, which is the perfect blend of dark, bloody, and gritty storytelling that the character so desperately needed. Wolverine fans will rejoice that there is finally a representation of Logan on screen that captures the character's torment, his ferocity, his tragedy, and his tenacity. This is an R rated movie, and most of the time that can be a blessing or a curse depending on the film. There is no argument that this helped to tell Wolverine's story.

    This film defies a lot of comic book conventions and may prove to be a game changer in how superheroes are portrayed on screen. From the moment the movie begins and you see Logan (Hugh Jackman) in a drunken and seemingly wounded state, you immediately wonder why he isn’t his superhero self. Come to find out, the future is a very depressing place. All of the X-men have perished except Logan and a mentally unstable Charles Xavier (played wonderfully by Patrick Stewart). As Logan struggles to deal with his physical as well as mental ailments, a situation rears its ugly head that has our hero bearing his claws for one more grand adventure.

    This film is violent indeed, but very human in that these characters are flawed, they are tortured by the past, and they struggle to make sense of their place in this grim future. Director James Mangold does an excellent job of not sacrificing these emotions for the sake of laughs or over the top superhero goodness that we are far too familiar with seeing. The result is something that feels real, emotional, and tangible. At the end of the film, not everything is fixable and not everyone survives, but you will walk out satisfied and happy that you spent two hours of your life with Logan. It's definitely the best Wolverine film, and probably one of the best comic book stories we've seen on the big screen thus far.


92 Adamantium claws out of 100 (92%)






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