Saw 3D: The Final Chapter came out in 2010. After 7 long, Saw- free years, someone had the amazing idea to make another one. Originally it was called Saw: Legacy, but the name was later changed to Jigsaw before release. Is this the movie that breathes fresh new life into a franchise that was dead, buried and long since forgotten? Nope. 


     I typically write a long synopsis of the movie by now. What’s the point? You’ve seen a version of this movie six other times. It follows the exact same formula as every other Saw movie with the exception of the first one. Some people are in some traps. Some people die. Cops are confused because Jigsaw is dead. Cops kinda figure it out, but still fail. Someone else is found to be a Jigsaw apprentice, and more people die. Someone closes a door to signal they are the new Jigsaw and won the game.


     If you ever want to watch a masterclass on everything in a movie being mediocre and unexciting, the Saw franchise is for you. Jigsaw is no different; it literally sits in the middle, with everything around it just being stuff. And that is what it feels like- just stuff happening while you watch it happen. The acting is just stuff. The effects and traps are just stuff. This movie is just full of stuff. Any Smallville fans from back in the day are probably excited to see Laura Vandervoort. Don’t worry, she also just does and says some stuff. Can’t have anyone standing out or anything. Although, this movie does have a couple of things going for it. It finally uses a USB thumb drive for the audio message to the police instead of a damn mini-cassette. It also cuts someone up with lasers at one point, so that is a much needed change of pace over miscellaneous blades. Sadly the innovations end there, hopefully along with the series.


     Most horror franchises that go this long have at least one movie that changes it up or re-energizes the series, but after eight movies, the Saw films never have. I feel I must beg the studio to do something most movie fans are tired of. If any more Saw movies are to be made, please, for the love of everything that is descent and good in this world, REBOOT EVERYTHING. Start over. You are literally beating a dead horse that has been dead for so long they are beating fossilized bones in bedrock.


18 laser cut faces out of 106 (17%)




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