Get Out

Jordan Peele's directing debut certainly didn't disappoint with the highly intense and hugely suspenseful 'Get Out'. He hones in on the creep factor straight away, and has plenty of it to distribute throughout the entirety of the film. 


Any big fan of suspense will absolutely love how this film progresses. The subtle mannerisms and social dynamics of the mysterious people of the town are enough to make you feel just as uneasy as the main character, Chris (played exceptionally by Daniel Kaluuya). 


The story takes place at the old family estate of Chris' girlfriend (Allison Williams), whose family has some looming secrets that soon begin to surface. The movie really keeps the audience in tune with the lead character's mindset, as he tries to adjust to being the only black person (aside from the ones employed by the family- whose behavior is strange to say the least) in an upper class and old fashioned white community. As if the lack of cultural diversity weren't odd enough, things take a much darker turn when Chris realizes what he's really up against. It will keep you guessing right along with him, and once you realize what's actually happening you'll be just as unsettled as you'd expect. 


Not only is the acting top notch, the music adds an awesome element of terror at just the right moments. The film is unnerving in a brilliant way that could set a new standard for what horror/mystery movies should look like. If you're someone who loves suspense or horror, you'll appreciate that the movie kept its haunting, creepy vibe all the way to the end. Suspense, laughs, and scares blend seamlessly throughout the movie from beginning to end. Kudos to Peele for his creativity in every aspect. Get Out, while certainly not perfect, is hopefully a taste of what's to come from Jordan Peele.  



Rating: 9 crazy relatives out of 10 (90%)




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