Beauty and the Beast

    As huge fans of the Walt Disney animated classics, Cinema Slayers was deathly excited for this film's release. We are happy to report that while this isn't a better version of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast classic, it maintains enough nostalgia, storytelling, and charm to be a worthwhile time at the movies! 

     So far, the live action retellings of the Disney films have been great. Both Cinderella in 2015 and Jungle Book in 2016 not only captured the essence of what we love about Disney films, but also provided some much needed plot context and character development that is often missing in the animated films. Beauty and the Beast follows suit in the same way as these former films- providing a deeper look into these character's stories and origins. However, this isn't always met with success as sometimes these explanations feel forced and seem to take away from the central characters in the film. At times, you will wonder if the changes they made to certain side characters are even necessary at all, since they don't really succeed in enhancing the story. However, these blemishes pale in comparison to everything that Beauty and the Beast does right.

     Director Bill Condon spared no extra expense with this film's visual presentation. He perfectly captures the beautiful landscapes and set pieces that made the 1991 film such a visual joy. Seeing these locations in real life will almost turn you into a child again. You'll be wide-eyed and singing along with the songs as if you never forgot them. All of the actors, especially Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast), give performances that are worthy of their 1991 counterparts. These actors perfectly capture the essence of the tale as old as time. Some scenes, like the infamous chandelier dance, are as magical as you remember them to be. And that magic alone, is worth the price of admission. 



75 Rose petals out of 100 (75%) 




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