Baby Driver

     If you have been waiting this summer for a really fun and entertaining movie that is NOT about super heroes, I highly recommend giving Baby Driver a go. Edgar Wright's latest film has been very well received by critics, and rightfully so. It is as exciting and captivating as it is original.     

    The story revolves around Baby (Ansel Elgort), who is partially deaf as a result of an accident when he was younger, and uses music as a way to feel the rhythm in every aspect of his life. It could be him just going about his daily routine, getting geared up for a date, or most impressively, while he is working as the greatest getaway driver you could ever hope to have on a heist. Due to his insane skills and seemingly unafraid demeanor, he is the only driver sought after by Doc (Kevin Spacey), the mastermind behind countless bank robberies Baby takes part in. After being forced to work with some of the most dangerous criminals, including Buddy (Jon Hamm) and Bats (Jamie Foxx), Baby desires more than ever before to be out of Doc's game for good. And while he makes every effort to transition to a normal life, Doc won't have it, and enlists him for another job by threatening the lives of those he loves. You will not want to miss what ensues, because the ride goes from 0 to 100 in no time at all. 

    First of all, this A-list cast is incredible. Elgort certainly proves his undeniable talent as a leading man, giving even Spacey and Foxx a run for their money. Second of all, the action sequences are extremely dynamic. It is pretty difficult these days for a car chase, cop shoot-out, or “running from the law” scene to have a fresh take, but somehow this film manages to incorporate all of those in exhilarating and creative ways. Speaking of dynamic, Jon Hamm might be the most compelling character in the movie behind Elgort. Not only is he able to turn his deceptive charm on and off at the snap of a finger, he is very driven by his passion and love. This arguably makes him more dangerous even than Foxx’s character, who is a self-proclaimed psycho. You can only imagine that this team is at odds most of the time, resulting in humorous interaction and suspenseful situations.

    That being said, perhaps the most intriguing factor is the music. Figuratively speaking, it drives every scene, and allows the audience to get a glimpse in to how Baby's mind and the music he listens to work together. Whether it is the beat pumping his adrenaline, the lyrics mirroring his emotions, or the timing of the song helping him track the timing of the robberies, it is clear that Baby's life IS music. It is essentially the only thing that keeps him calm under pressure and distracts him from the awful things going on around him.

    From the opening credits, this movie is non-stop excitement with heart behind it. It is unpredictable in the right ways, and never really feels like it's over when it is; there is no doubt that it leaves you wanting more. It also goes without saying that the soundtrack is amazing, so get it ASAP and do your best not to drive like a maniac while listening.


88 stylish pairs of Ray-Bans out of 100 (88%) 





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